Executive Director

Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro is the Founder and Executive Director of Pasifika NEXUS. A lawyer by profession, her interests span across diverse areas. Ms Tamanikaiwaimaro is a member of the Global Advisory Council of BrightPath Foundation and a member of Global Leadership Interlink (GLI). She is current President of The South Pacific Computer Society (SPaCS) an accredited At Large Structure within the Asian Australasian Pacific Regional At Large Organisation (APRALO) which is part of the At Large Constituency within ICANN. She is an Executive Council Member of the South East Asia Regional Computer Federation (SEARCC).

Ms Tamanikaiwaimaro is involved in various capacity building, outreach initiatives within the Asian Australasian and Pacific region. She has a strong interest in Information Communications Technologies (ICT), gender, cultural, human rights and development initiatives. From time to she writes articles on Circle ID.

She was former co-coordinator of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) and a former member of At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) where she represented the Asian Australasian Pacific Regional At Large Organisation within the At Large Community within the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

She founded and established the Pacific Digital Alliance for Women in ICT.

She has over ten years’ experience in the Administrative Law, Antitrust Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Competition Law, Construction Law, Conveyance Law, Criminal Law, Customary Law, Cyber Security Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights Law; ICT Law, Internet Law, Intellectual Property Law, Private International Law, Product Liability, Property Law, Public International Law, Securities Law, Technology Law and Telecommunications Law.


josiah Josiah Qalovaki is the regional coordinator of Congress-WBN (C-WBN) who works with governments and businesses in the Pacific region and Oceania promoting ethical leadership and governance. He specialises in the areas of strategic governance, the training of management teams and consultants, and nation development initiatives.

Mr Qalovaki is also the Strategic Director of Business Breakthrough Nexus Limited (BBN). BBN is the nexus of ethical business entities focused on sustainable development of natural resources in Fiji and other Pacific Islands. A Design Engineer by profession, Mr Qalovaki is based in Wellington, New Zealand. He and his wife, Kiti, have two sons.

C-WBN is focused on effecting human, social and national transformation through the propagation of clearly defined moral, ethical, and values-based principles, patterns, and approaches.

C-WBN initiatives span networks of professional groups, educational institutions, businesses, churches, individual national leaders, university students, and global technology initiatives.


ben mathews Benjamin Mathews has a background in Telecommunications and Business Development. He specializes in the areas of communications and strategic business development. Mr. Mathews has worked in various roles in Telecommunications serving and providing innovative solutions to diverse customers in New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and the wider Asia Pacific region. He currently manages Alcatel-Lucent’s Repair and Advanced Exchange Services for both New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

He also works separately as a Business Consultancy for KBC-Elevate specializing in the areas of Communications and Strategic Business Development. He has primarily worked with professionals and small business owners throughout Oceania providing advice and solutions focused support. Mr. Mathews has a Master’s of Business Administration from Victoria University. He is currently on the MBA Alumni Steering Committee providing strategic direction to its development and future. He conducted qualitative research on the behavioral factors that contribute to long-term sustainable success in an environmentally conscious Pacific Island.

Benjamin is also a member of Global Leadership Interlink. GLI is a non-profitable professional group focused on developing and training young professionals and university students in Ethical Leadership Imperatives.


Fabian Randerath photo [sm2] Fabian Randerath is a Freelance Video Producer and runs Neuland Production. He is trained in the field of Creative Arts and Media. Born and trained in Germany, Mr Randerath now resides in Fiji. He is married to Elena and they have two daughters.
Mr Randerath is employed by the Fiji Broadcast Corporation (FBC), where part of his responsibilities includes the development of public service campaigns and new Television programs. His passion is in finding new ways to use Television as a means for Youth Development and Nation Building.
Also he is actively engaged in empowering young people with more enhanced understanding of their identity, function and their significance in all spheres of their operation.

He is part of the Global Leadership Interlink Management Team in Fiji.