Pasifika NEXUS places a strong emphasis on human development as the seedbed for any type of development. Pasifika NEXUS is a values based organisation that is dedicated and committed to excellence through collaboration and partnerships. We are committed to transformation that starts from the core.

Sustainable development stems from transformation that originates from the core. Nation building begins in individuals, families, communities, businesses and organisations. Noting that context shapes meaning, no country is the same and each has its diverse histories and complexities and in developing solutions, it is critical that this is properly understood. This is why Trend Analysis is a critical part of our operations.

With globalisation and Information Communications Technology (ICT), collaboration has taken an entirely new meaning. Emerging markets have the ability to learn from trends in other markets and leap frog through strategic and calculated planning.

Origins of Pasifika NEXUS – What’s in a Name?
The name Pasifika comes from the word Pacific that Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan coined and comes from the Latin word Pacifica which means “Peace”. At the time of crossing the Magellan strait between Antarctica and South America he discovered a new ocean that appeared very calm and peaceful.

We are living in unprecedented times in the earth and the world continues to grow perplexed as people struggle to find solutions. Pasifika represents a place of clarity, stillness and calm with which problems are assessed and solutions derived.

The word “Nexus” is Latin for “connections” or bond or link between things and also means “core” or “center”. Nexus is past principle of “Nectere”. Nexus is about relationships as social capital. Pasifika NEXUS is a bridge to empowering the Pacific to navigate their way.